Official: Lithuania invited to become a full member of the IEA


2021 06 17


Today, the governing board of the International Energy Agency (IEA) – one of the most influential energy organisations in the world – officially invited Lithuania to become a member.

This will help Lithuania secure assistance from top-level energy experts in transitioning to climate-neutral energy, strengthening the state energy innovation policy, and increasing energy efficiency.

Lithuania is also ready to share its expert knowledge on green transformation and innovation in the energy sector. The assessment of the Lithuanian energy sector carried out by the IEA was particularly positive about the transition to renewable energy, and recognised the model of remote renewable energy sources (RES) electricity consumers used in Lithuania as being unique. Lithuania is already among the leading IEA countries in terms of its share of RESs in final energy consumption.

“The IEA is the most respected energy knowledge centre in the world, analysing the entire sector and actively participating in the global energy dialogue,” says Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys, adding, “The IEA’s values and goals are in line with our own long-term goals in the energy sector: competitiveness, reliability, environmental mitigation and innovation. We therefore intend to actively contribute to the IEA’s activities, which together with the countries of the world shape energy policy for a secure and sustainable future.”

The IEA advises member countries on energy policy-making, provides information about the international oil market and other energy sectors, and is prepared to respond to oil supply disruptions.

Lithuania implemented the membership requirements very quickly, receiving an invitation to become a member of the IEA in just two years. For comparison, this procedure usually takes at least three years. According to Minister Kreivys, receiving the invitation to become a member of the IEA in such a short time only proves once again that the Lithuanian energy sector is sufficiently strong and competitive.

The agreement on Lithuania’s membership in the IEA will still have to be ratified by the Seimas. It is planned that this will happen this year.

The IEA currently has 30 member countries. Lithuania is the second Baltic State to become a member of the IEA, after Estonia, which joined few years ago.