Research and innovation in the energy sector

Innovation is one of the most important directions of development of Lithuania’s energy sector as stated in the National Energy Independence Strategy  (2018). Lithuania, which is an importer of energy technologies, must become a country that develops energy technologies and generates and exports knowledge and services. The Ministry of Energy also aims to achieve that research and development in the energy area as well as products developed are integrated into industrial production and become part of the country’s export thus contributing to economic growth.

Lithuania is developing innovations in the areas of solar energy, biomass, biofuel, LNG use and hydrogen gas technologies.

Innovations that have the highest potential in the energy sector are IT systems and cyber security solutions, development of energy accumulation facilities, energy efficiency technologies, hydrogen technologies and production of alternative fuel.

For more information about the energy innovation policy-making and implementation please see the Innovation and International Cooperation Group on the website of the Ministry of Energy.

Last updated: 28-11-2023