EU Commissioner for Energy and Lithuanian Minister of Energy discuss sector issues in Vilnius


2022 06 13

20220613 ENERGETIKOS KOMISARE  du lt.jpg

Dainius Kreivys, Minister of Energy of Lithuania, met with Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy, in Vilnius. The Minister and the Commissioner discussed the energy security situation in Lithuania and Europe, the high prices of energy resources, the need to accelerate the development of renewable energy, and the EU Energy Council at the end of June. 

Dainius Kreivys also presented Lithuania’s plans to accelerate the project of synchronisation of the Baltic States with the continental European grids. “Today, Lithuania no longer imports Russian gas, oil or electricity, but our electricity system still operates in a single zone with Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia – the so-called BRELL ring. Nevertheless, we have already taken control of our electricity system to a large extent, with major synchronisation projects in place to ensure the security of our electricity system. Continued political, technical and financial support from the EU is therefore essential to achieve interconnection with the continental European grid as early as 2024,” said the minister.  

On energy security issues, the minister stressed the need for EU solidarity and a strong position on the Russian energy embargo. In order to accelerate the process, Lithuania supports the EU’s proposed plan to levy a tax on Russian gas and oil imports into the EU in the discussions on the refusal of Russian energy resources.  This would create an additional incentive for EU Member States to invest more rapidly in renewable energy and to seek alternative energy supplies, while Russia would also lose its competitive advantage in energy prices.