Energy Minister Kreivys: “Cooperation with Poland in the field of energy is exemplary”


2021 06 16


“Cooperation with Poland in the field of energy is exemplary. We view Poland as our technical and political window to continental Europe, and joint energy infrastructure projects offer even greater opportunities for strategic cooperation,” says Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys after meeting the Polish government’s commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski, who visited Lithuania.

Mr Kreivys and Mr Naimski discussed the current joint energy projects: the progress of the Lithuanian-Polish gas pipeline interconnection (GIPL), the preparation of the Baltic States for synchronisation with the electricity networks of continental Europe and the project of the submarine electricity interconnection between Lithuania and Poland Harmony Link. The meeting also addressed the issues of strengthening regional energy security and discussed the issue of electricity trade from third countries – Mr Naimski has already expressed solidarity with Lithuania on the issue of not purchasing electricity from the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant.

“The smooth implementation of joint strategic energy projects is a cornerstone of strengthening our energy security,” says Mr. Kreivys. Both countries share the common goal of diversifying natural gas supplies, expanding cooperation in gas trade, and facilitating the use of gas infrastructure already in place and under development. According to Mr. Kreivys, the Lithuanian-Polish pipeline interconnector (GIPL), which will become operational next year as planned, will open up new possibilities for bilateral economic cooperation. “One of our main common strategic interests is the integration of the gas market. We must fully develop the potential of the single gas market, so we discussed the possibility for the Polish side to participate in long-term auctions regarding the use of the LNG terminal,” says Mr. Kreivys.

Poland’s role is particularly important for Lithuania and the Baltic States in synchronising electricity grids with the networks of continental Europe, therefore during the visit the discussion was held about the need to ensure a smooth process of implementation of synchronisation projects and the sequence of independent performance tests. When discussing the project of the new submarine interconnection with Poland Harmony Link – one of the most important parts of the project of synchronising the Baltic electricity system with continental Europe – it was highlighted that this is an example of the synergy between political goals and technical know-how.

According to Mr. Kreivys, Lithuania also sees potential for cooperation with Poland in the field of renewable energy, especially in the field of offshore wind development: “Lithuania and Poland are not only connected by a common history of statehood, but also by a future based on a common strategic partnership. The energy sector will be one of the cornerstones of this partnership”.