Electricity link LitPol Link

LitPol Link (Lithuania - Poland electricity link)

Lithuania aims to implement, by 2015, a strategic power sector project: to construct a power link LitPol Link with the neighbouring Poland which will connect three Baltic States to European Union energy market and energy system thus eliminating existing  energy isolation. 

The construction of this project of historical significance has started in Alytus and Lazdijai districts at the beginning of 2014. In the future, this power “highway“ will connect the national power system with the European one. The powerful link with Poland will open opportunities for Lithuania for synchronous operation with the energy systems of other West European countries in developing the European market for electricity. Moreover,  it will contribute to the development of common European electricity market and increase the reliability of energy supply.

The LitPol Link is the joint project of Litgrid and PSE, a Polish power grid operator. Currently the designing works are in progress, to be followed by intensive construction works in 2014 and 2015. The start of operation of the 500 MW Lithuanian – Polish power link is scheduled for the end of 2015.

Main characteristics of the project

  • High-voltage double-circuit 400 kV overhead power line from Ełk (Poland) to Alytus (Lithuania).
  • Length of the power line: 163 km, including 51 km in Lithuania (Alytus and  Lazdijai districts) and 112  km in Poland (Podlaskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodships).
  • One of the key components of the link – the direct current converter will be constructed in the Alytus transformer substation. The converter is required for the matching of the different power transmission systems of Lithuania and Poland.
  • Capacity of the link: 500 MW from the end of 2015,  1000 MW from 2020.
  • Estimated service life: 50 years.


  • EIA is completed;
  • Territorial planning procedures and permitting granting process is fully completed;
  • Contractors for the main design and construction works (400 kV line and switchyard, HVDC converter, 330 kV switchyard) are already chosen.
  • PCI  status obtained;
  • Discussions with NRA based on the submitted CBA in progress.

Next steps:

  • TSO to apply for CEF funding;
  • Construction works to be started this year.

Last updated: 28-11-2023