In cooperation with the world’s most advanced research centres in the USA, Lithuania will seek the most cost-effective and innovative solutions on its road to 100% renewable energy


2022 06 03

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From 30 May to 3 June 2022, a delegation led by Vice-Minister Albinas Zananavičius and Vice-Minister Inga Žilienė had a working visit to the USA. The purpose of the visit was to finalise the coordination of the practical development aspects of a model for the transition of the Lithuanian energy sector to 100% renewable energy. To this end, the Lithuanian energy delegation went to Denver, Colorado, to meet with the representatives of the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory under the US Department of Energy, who, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Energy

Agency, will shortly start working on a model for the transition of the Lithuanian energy sector to 100% renewable energy. It should be noted that the model for the transition of the energy sector to 100% renewable energy, developed by the laboratory’s scientists, has already been put into practice in the US city of Los Angeles, California. It is the first of its kind in the world to have been developed following a comprehensive and science-based study and to provide the most cost-effective scenarios for achieving the energy sector transformation goals. Lithuania will be the first country in the world to have such a model developed.

In order to better understand the practical aspects of such a model and to properly prepare for its development and implementation phases, the representatives of the Lithuanian energy delegation visited the city of Los Angeles, where they met with the representatives of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and of the main energy companies responsible for the development and further implementation of the city’s model of transition to 100% renewable energy. The delegation also included representatives from major Lithuanian energy companies. It should be noted that the city of Los Angeles is larger than Lithuania in terms of population and energy consumption, but shares the same goals and faces similar challenges.

“It is surprising how many similarities there are between Lithuania and Los Angeles. We seek the same energy goals and face similar challenges. Nevertheless, we have a lot to learn from each other. We are therefore happy to establish close contacts with those with whom we will be able to share our experience in developing and implementing energy sector transformation models over the coming years,” said Vice-Minister Ms Žilienė.

During the meetings in Denver, Colorado, with the representatives of the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the technical development aspects of the model of Lithuania’s transition to 100% renewable energy were discussed. It is expected that, once the remaining issues have been successfully resolved, the next stage of the model development will soon proceed. Cooperation with transatlantic partners to exchange experiences in this field is essential for Lithuania to achieve its goals of transition to renewable energy. Lithuania welcomes its close relations in the field of energy and intensive cooperation with the US Department of Energy and its subordinate research centres. Such cooperation is of particular importance for both countries in the transition to renewable energy.

“A significant step in the history of relations between Lithuania and the US in the field of energy is about to take place with the signing of a bilateral interinstitutional political agreement on cooperation in the field of energy in support of Lithuania’s goals of energy security and transition to renewable energy. This agreement provides for specific areas of cooperation and the possibility to add new areas of cooperation in the future, including cybersecurity in the energy sector,” said Vice-Minister of Energy Mr Zananavičius.

During their visit to the USA, the Lithuanian energy delegation also met with US energy companies developing and implementing innovative technologies that contribute to mitigating climate change and meeting the needs of diverse consumers, as well as promoting startups in this field. Lithuania will need advanced technological solutions in the future while implementing the model of Lithuania’s transition to 100% renewable energy. It is therefore necessary to keep abreast of technological developments in order to select the most appropriate and cost-effective technological solutions to best meet the needs of Lithuania’s energy consumers and to ensure the security and stability of the energy system.