Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant

The Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant (VNPP) project comprises construction of a new nuclear power plant and the related infrastructure in Lithuania. Upon implementation of the project, the shut down Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant reactors will be replaced by modern, safe, and environmentally-friendly electric power production technology at the plant.


An advisory (consultative) referendum concerning construction of the new NPP was held in Lithuania on 14th October 2012. 52.52% of the electorate expressed the opinion, 34.07% participants were in favor of nuclear power plant construction, 62.70% - against. 

Considering the results of the referendum, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius formed a work group witch will carefully analyze the Visaginas nuclear power plant project and to propose the most cost-optimal and consumer friendly model of Lithuanian energy supply system. 

You can find the full text of the conclusions of the working group HERE

Last updated: 13-08-2015