Strategic Projects

The projects of modernisation of the centralised heating supply sector of Vilnius and Kaunas cities, by installing combined heat and power plants operating on local and renewable energy resources (hereinafter referred to as the power plant projects), were recognised as the economic projects of public importance by the Resolution No. 486 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 28 May 2014.  In Vilnius – highly-efficient combined heat and power plant operated on biofuel and incineration of municipal waste of about 229 MW thermal power and 92 MW electric power. In Kaunas – highly-efficient combined heat and power plant fuelled by waste of 70 MW thermal power and 24 MW electric power.

The purpose of the power plant projects is maximum reduction of the generation price of heating energy supplied to Vilnius and Kaunas centralised district heating supply systems, ensuring maximum quantity of cost-effective electricity generation from local and renewable energy resources, by installing new and reconstructing the existing heating and electricity generation facilities.

Last updated: 15-04-2020