Sector Overview

Energy saving is a challenge for the state and each of us. It's not easy to change habits, residents need to be clarified that an energy efficiency measures will give us not only savings, but also save our money. This is also important for the state, as our rational and economical use of energy resources contribute to enhancing Lithuania's energy independence and combat global warming.

Lithuania is committed to implement Directive No. 2012/27/EU and save 11,674 TWh until 2020.

Most savings are planned to be achieved by renovating public buildings, signing agreements for energy savings with largest energy companies such as ESO, EPSO-G, LITGRID and Amber Grid, as well as encouraging other large companies to carry out energy audits. Practice shows that we can also save up to 10% by soft measures, meaning rationalization of our management, habits and behavior. For this purpose additional measure - Energy consumers’ education and consultation agreements – was established.

Last updated: 15-04-2020