Electricity Prices and Tariffs

The public electricity price and tariffs are set by the public supplier for six calendar months. Electricity is supplied to customers by both public and independent suppliers.

PRICE STRUCTURE  =  electricity purchase price   transmission price  +  public interest service (PIS) fee  +  distribution costs  +  difference between public supply price and actual electricity purchase price, on the one hand, and estimated electricity price in previous period.

The National Commission on Prices and Energy Control (NCPEC):

  • Exercises state supervision over the energy sector;
  • Publishes the public electricity price and tariffs;
  • Publishes lists of public and independent suppliers

Customers are free to choose (and change) an independent electricity supplier and may enter into agreements with more than one supplier in order to meet their needs for electricity.

Guarantee supply is ensured to those customers that have not chosen an independent electricity supplier or if the chosen supplier fails to discharge its obligations, provided that electricity is not supplied to such customers at a public price for electricity.

Last updated: 15-04-2020