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2020 02 13
Synchronisation project to be given even more attention with the creation of a government commission

Today, the Government approved the Report on Synchronisation of the Electric Power System with the Continental European Network, which outlines project progress and the key work done in 2019.  A proposal was also approved to set up a government commission which will ensure project coordination at the highest level.

2020 01 16
Investors are ready to invest in renewable energy in Lithuania without state support

Today the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) has confirmed the winner of renewable energy auctions. The price premium to the electricity exchange price offered by the successful investor is EUR 0 per MWh. This means that the project will be developed without state support.

2020 01 14
In 2019, Lithuania transported the highest ever recorded amount of gas to the Baltic States

By making targeted investments into the Lithuanian gas infrastructure and its interconnection with neighbouring countries, the gas transmission to the Baltic States increased 2.6-fold last year if compared to 2018, and reached almost 6 TWh of gas. According to the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid, during this...

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