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2016 12 07
Lithuania to seek development of LNG technologies in partnership with the Netherlands

On 7 December, Rokas Masiulis, the Minister of Energy, attended the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Forum between Lithuania and the Netherlands. In his opening speech, Mr R. Masiulis underlined that presently Lithuania is stepping towards becoming a country that not only benefits from the LNG technologies, but also seeks to make a contribution ...

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2016 11 17
R. Masiulis: „It would not be wise to rely only on the electricity import“

Two recently built interconnections, which linked Lithuania to Western Europe and the Nordic region have significantly reduced the price for electricity in Lithuania, and will keep them stable for the nearest future. However, energy minister Rokas Masiulis has underscored, that the strategy of importing cheaper electricity will not stay viable ...

2016 10 20
Public consultation on the implicit capacity allocation model at gas interconnection points

Baltic gas transmission system operators announce a public consultation on the implicit capacity allocation model at interconnection points.

2016 06 29
After the ministerial meeting – the aim is to share knowledge and experience

During his visit in the Netherlands, Minister of Energy Rokas Masiulis today (June 28 th ) met with the Dutch Minister of Economy Henk Kamp. The ministers of both countries discussed EU's energy issues and bilateral cooperation in the field of liquefied gas (LNG), and biomass. Mr. Masiulis also presented the national energy strategy.

2016 06 23
The arbitral tribunal has put an end to the dispute between Lithuania and Gazprom

Today, the SCC Arbitration Institute had the last word in a case examined by it for four years, in which Lithuania complained about unfair gas prices imposed by gas concern Gazprom.

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