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2022 05 03
Minister Kreivys speaks about the need for faster synchronisation at an extraordinary meeting of the Energy Council

During an extraordinary meeting of the Energy Council in Brussels, European Union (EU) energy ministers discussed the energy supply situation and the changes in the energy sector now that Russian energy giant Gazprom has cut gas supply to certain Member States.

2022 04 25
Ignalina Programme Monitoring Committee discussed the progress of the Ignalina NPP decommissioning projects

A meeting of the Ignalina Programme Monitoring Committee was held at the Ministry of Energy to discuss the progress of the Ignalina NPP decommissioning projects.

2022 04 22
Last of the spent nuclear fuel removed for temporary storage

On 21 April, the last – 190th – cask of spent nuclear fuel was taken to the new interim spent fuel storage facility at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). This is an important phase in the decommissioning of the Ignalina NPP, which was started in 2016 and is now on the way to being successfully completed. 

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2022 04 06
Lithuania and Poland looking to increase the scope of energy cooperation

On 5 April, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania Dainius Kreivys met with Poland’s Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa and Deputy State Assets Minister Maciej Małecki in Vilnius. During the meeting, broader opportunities for energy cooperation in the context of geopolitical challenges were discussed.

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2022 04 02
Lithuania completely abandons Russian gas imports

Seeking full energy independence from Russian gas, in response to Russia's energy blackmail in Europe and the war in Ukraine, Lithuania has completely abandoned Russian gas: Lithuania's gas transmission system has been operating without Russian gas imports since the beginning of this month.

2022 03 28
Consultations With Potential Developers of a Wind Farm in the Baltic Sea Launched

The Ministry of Energy is launching consultations with potential developers of a wind farm in the Baltic Sea in March. The consultations will be carried out in preparation for the auction for the selection of an offshore wind farm developer, with meetings with potential investors scheduled until 18 April.

Dainius Kreivys Josvydo Elinsko nuotrauka.jpg
2022 03 15
On March 15-17, Lithuanian Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys will visit Rome

On March 15-17, Lithuanian Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys will visit Rome, where he will meet with Italian Minister of Ecological Transit Roberto Cingolani and discuss various energy-related issues, the most important of which are renewable energy sources (RES) and the diversification of Russian gas imports.

2022 03 14
Lithuania signs an intergovernmental agreement with Latvia on measures to ensure secure gas supply to vulnerable natural gas consumers

On March 10, Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys signed an intergovernmental agreement with Latvian Minister of Economics Jānis Vitenbergs on solidarity measures to ensure the security of gas supply. The main purpose of the agreement is to provide mutual assistance in cases ...

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2022 03 08
Lithuania’s statement at the IAEA Board of Governors echoes nuclear safety questions in Belarus

At the IAEA Board of Governors, which is taking place 7-11 March 2022 in Vienna, Austria, Lithuanian delegation echoed remaining nuclear safety problems in the Belarussian nuclear power plant.

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2022 03 04
D. Kreivys calls on IAEA to establish 30 km non-fighting zones around Ukrainian nuclear power plants

In response to the unprecedented attacks by the Russian armed forces on Ukrainian nuclear power plants in Zaporizhzhya and Chornobyl, the Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys calls for the urgent establishment of a 30 km non-fighting zones around Ukraine's nuclear power plants.

2022 03 03
Baltic energy ministers call on the EU to start the Ukrainian synchronisation process as soon as possible

Baltic ministers have signed a joint statement on implementation of a coordinated action plan to ensure energy independence from Russia. The ministers are also calling on the European Union (EU) to start the process of integrating Ukraine’s power system into the power system of continental Europe.

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