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2022 11 23
EUR 3 million have already been provided to Ukraine’s energy sector, with another EUR 2 million of support being organised

Lithuanian energy companies and organisations have already provided specialised support for the repair and reconstruction of Ukraine’s energy sector for almost EUR 3 million. A further EUR 2 million support for the war-affected energy sector of Ukraine is currently being organised. 

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2022 11 11
Minister Kreivys: “Testing of the 200 MW battery storage system has begun, allowing for synchronisation to be planned earlier”

Testing of the new battery park system with a combined capacity of 200 megawatts (MW) and 200 megawatt hours (MWh) has begun.

2022 11 01
Cooperative Agreement Signed to Develop the Lithuanian Energy Sector Transformation Study  

In Denver, Colorado (USA), the Lithuanian Energy Agency has signed an agreement on cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in conducting research in the field of renewable energy development.

2022 10 13
Minister Kreivys in Prague: EC must take essential measures as soon as possible to address the energy crisis

“When talking about imposing a price cap on gas, we have to be more ambitious and temporarily set a price cap not only on gas used for electricity generation, but also on all wholesale natural gas transactions,” stated Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys at an informal meeting of European Union energy ministers ...

2022 09 30
Kreivys: “We have to tackle the causes of high energy prices, not the consequences”

European Union (EU) energy ministers today approved the proposals of the European Commission (EC) for controlling high energy prices in Europe. 

2022 09 14
Lithuania and the United States strengthen cooperation on clean energy

With newly signed Memorandum of Understanding, the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory will help Lithuania develop plan to reach 100% clean electricity.

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2022 09 10
Lithuania strongly advocates setting a price cap for gas

On 9 September 2022, Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys participated in an extraordinary meeting of the European Union Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council in Brussels, the Kingdom of Belgium. 

2022 08 31
Minister Kreivys: Europe’s response to Russia’s energy war must be united

At the Baltic Sea Energy Security Summit held in Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen on 30 August 2022, energy ministers signed a declaration agreeing to speed up the gradual phasing out of Russian energy, as well as to rapidly develop wind energy capacities in the Baltic Sea.  

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2022 08 29
On the border with Belarus –a fully equipped physical barrier

At the end of last week, the last segments of the physical barrier were installed on the Lithuanian border with Belarus. Approximately 550 kilometres long and 4 metres high, the barrier will significantly contribute to stopping the flow of illegal migrants into Lithuania.

2022 08 12
Construction of a new facility begins at the only oil refinery in the Baltic States

Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys visited Orlen Lietuva, a petroleum refining company in Mažeikiai, where the construction of the deep crude conversion unit has started. 

2022 08 10
Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys meets with Latvian Minister of Economics Ilze Indriksone

Today, Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys met with Latvian Minister of Economics Ilze Indriksone. They discussed the energy security situation in the region and how to accelerate the synchronisation of the Baltic States with continental European grids. 

20220726 ES Energetikos taryba 1.jpg
2022 07 26
Lithuania and other EU Member States agree to reduce natural gas consumption and prepare for the upcoming heating season

On 26 July, Vice-Minister of Energy Albinas Zananavičius attended the extraordinary meeting of the European Union (EU) Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council in Brussels, where representatives of the EU Member States discussed the most pressing issues of energy supply in preparation ...

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