Preconditions for Participation

Only electricity producers, who are using renewable energy sources for electricity production can participate in the auctions.

In order to participate in the auction project developers must NOT have:

  • permit to develop electricity generation capacities issued prior to the auction date;
  • preconditions of connection to the electricity grids or any reserved grid powers;
  • technical project already agreed with system operator or contract of connection.

Project developers also must:

  1. take on balancing responsibilities if the projects installed capacity is higher than 500 KW;
  2. sign the protocol of intentions and pay the security deposit fee;
  3. confirm that installations which will be used for electricity generation are completely new and have never been used before.
  4. not have already received any similar support for the same project or support that was recognized as incompatible with internal market and unlawful under the rules of the European Commission;
  5. pay the auction participation fee.
  6. not be in a process of bankruptcy or liquidation.
  7. be paid all the taxes and social insurance fees prior to the auction.
  8. not have a criminal or conviction record.


Last updated: 08-07-2019