Auction Procedures

  1. Projects willing to participate must sign the protocol of intentions and preconditions to connect to the electricity grid. While signing preconditions to connect project developer must pay a security obligation fee which is equal to 15 EUR per kilowatt of installed capacity.
  2. If project meets the prequalification requirements it is allowed to participate. Auction procedures could last up to 180 days.
  3. After winning the auction project developer has 90 days to get the permit to develop electricity generation capacities. After the permit is issued project developer has 3 years to complete the project works. (there is a possibility to prolonger that period up to 1 year).
  4. When project is finally completed, producer must take on all the connection to the grid costs himself. After generation capacities are successfully connected to the grid the permit to produce electricity is issued and the producer can start to generate electricity. If project works are completed in time, the deposit fee is returned to the producer, if not – only the part of the fee is returned. If producer is not able to complete the project the deposit fee is not returned at all.


Last updated: 08-07-2019