Energy efficiency sector


Energy efficiency is one of the best ways to increase energy supply security and decrease greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions. It is also the basis for the transition to a resource-efficient economy.

The efficient use of energy resources and energy is one of Lithuania’s key long-term strategic objectives in the energy sector. In the light of Energy efficiency directive 2012/27/EU, Lithuania has to ensure that the cumulative amount of 11.67 TWh of energy will be saved by 2020 and is drafting required documentation to set in place an Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme or adopt alternative measures, enable and promote faster development of Energy Service Companies and hasten the rate of public and multi-apartment building renovations and modernization of street lightning.  

By the end of 2014, The Government of Lithuania has established and adopted the program for improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings. The program aims to renovate public buildings (total area of 700 000 m2) and to achieve 60 GWh savings of final energy. Also, Energy efficiency fund was established on 18th February 2015 from the European structural and investment funds in order to reach goals set by the Program and to stimulate modernization of street lightning. Allocated funds to Energy efficiency fund amounts to 79 m EUR. Two financial products will be introduced:

  • Loans for central government owned public buildings modernization (ESCO);
  • Guarantees for street lighting projects. About 100 000 luminaries will be refurbished.

Legal acts

Last updated: 27-06-2016