Ministry of Energy will Present the Concepts for a Long-Term Capacity Mechanism and Ancillary Services in Lithuania


2019 02 01


On February 5, the Ministry of Energy will be holding a public discussion during which the concepts for a long-term capacity mechanism and ancillary services will be presented. This is the first stage of public consultations with stakeholders; the comments and suggestions received during the discussion will be evaluated in shaping the final proposals for the concepts for a long-term capacity mechanism creation in Lithuania and ancillary services.

The proposed concept for a long-term capacity mechanism in Lithuania will be presented by FTI France SAS (Compass Lexecon), a consulting firm that was involved in the implementation of capacity mechanisms in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Austria and Poland. The presentation of the concept and the discussion will be held in English.

A long-term capacity mechanism is a tool to ensure the adequacy of the power system and to encourage investment in electricity generation capacities. This mechanism will create the conditions to ensure reliably available, flexible and fast-starting power generation.

The concept prepared will help Lithuania choose the most suitable long-term capacity mechanism model and define its stages, also it will describe the responsibilities of all the parties involved in preparing the corresponding legislative changes. The cost of implementing particular model will also be assessed in the concept.

In presenting the concept for ancillary services, long-term changes in the ancillary service market related to the implementation of European network codes will be discussed. The new power generation capacities driven by the long-term capacity mechanism will contribute to the development of the ancillary service market and help ensure the smooth integration of renewable energy sources.

One of the key principles in the development of the electricity sector established in the National Energy Independence Strategy, that was approved in 2018 is to reduce energy dependence on electricity imports by promoting balanced investments in the development of local, reliable and competitive capacities.

Event date: 5 February 2019, 9:00 a.m.
Event venue: Ministry of Energy, Gedimino ave. 38, room 212.

Registration for the public discussion can be done by e-mail: