Members of Parliament of Georgia and Ukraine showed interest in the experience of Lithuania in energy sector


2018 04 24


On 23 April, Minister of Energy Žygimantas Vaičiūnas met the Members of Parliament of Georgia and Ukraine who showed interest in the Lithuanian experience in implementing projects securing energy independence and reorienting the country towards renewable energy.

The Minister of Energy told the success stories of the last decade in the energy sector of Lithuania – effect of power links with Poland and Sweden and Klaipėda liquefied natural gas terminal on energy security.

'These projects mark the crucial breaking point when Lithuania regained its independence from Russia for the second time – this time in energy sector. Sustainable import of electricity and gas not only increased energy security but also made reduction of electricity and gas prices possible', said Mr.  Vaičiūnas.

The visitors were mostly interested in the Lithuanian experience in implementing the clauses of the EU Third Energy Package and separating the fields of supply, transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas. When talking about the reformation of the latter energy fields, the Minister highlighted the need to set ambitious goals and to pursue them to full extent, avoiding any compromises – only then good results can be expected.

The question of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline planned to be laid through the Baltic Sea was also discussed. The Minister of Energy reassured the Ukrainian representatives that Lithuania considers this pipeline as a geopolitical project of Russia, therefore it supports the questions raised by Ukraine regarding natural gas transit.

Georgian and Ukrainian representatives showed interest also in the Lithuanian experience in developing the biofuel sector. The Minister of Energy told the visitors how through implementation of consistent energy policy Lithuania succeeded in reorienting its heat generation sector from fossil fuel to renewable resources, and specifically, to biomass. The Minister introduced the operating principles of the Baltpool biofuel exchange with no analogue in Europe and noted that in this field Lithuanian experience is used by such countries as Denmark, and talks with other Scandinavian countries are carried out regarding joint projects.

Lithuanian co-operation in energy sector with EU Eastern partnership countries is gaining impetus. Last December, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Lithuania and Ukraine on co-operation in energy field. In April, Minister Vaičiūnas visited Kiev where talks about specific forms of co-operation in the fields of renewable energy, energy effectiveness and biofuel exchange creation were carried out.

On Monday, the delegation of Georgian and Ukrainian MPs met also the representatives of the natural gas and power transmission system operators – Amber Grid and Litgrid companies.

This week, the representatives of the parliaments of both countries will meet the members of the Energy Commission of the Seimas, representatives of the Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association and Lietuvos energijos gamyba company. Later this week, the members of parliament will visit Ignalina nuclear power plant, will meet the companies of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence and Lithuanian solar power.