Lithuanian and Ukrainian Ministers of Energy: Nord Stream 2 – threat for the European Union and EU solidarity


2018 04 26


Lithuanian Minister of Energy Žygimantas Vaičiūnas and Ukrainian Minister of Energy Ihor Nasalyk signed a joint statement on the threats from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline planned to be laid through the Baltic Sea. With this political document, strong support to the crucial goals of the Energy Union – strengthening of energy security and diversification of energy sources is also expressed. 

‘The Nord Stream 2 project means a move in an absolutely opposite direction – even bigger burden of energy dependence is placed on the shoulders of the EU and the influence of Russia in our energy sector is systematically strengthened. Both Lithuania and Ukraine share the experience of such energy dependence and know its cost for the state and consumers. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline threatens not only fundamental goals of the Energy Union but also jeopardises solidarity of all EU Member States', stated Minister of Energy Žygimantas Vaičiūnas. 

The Ministers emphasise in the document that the EU law establishing diversification of energy sources and development of competitive market must be applied also to the Nord Stream 2, same as to any other gas pipeline interlinking the EU with third countries. Therefore, the Ministers expressed their strong support to the initiative of the European Commission to review the EU Gas Directive and urge necessary changes to be made without any delay. 

It is noted in the statement that international support and consistent energy policy enable Ukraine to remain being a strategic reliable partner of gas transit ensuring safe route for natural gas to reach the EU Member States. The statement reads that Ukraine undertakes a commitment to implement the clauses of the Third Energy Package in full and is ready to launch discussions with the EU Members States on even more effective use of the national gas transmission system in the future.

It is noted in the document that Ukraine is ready to take over the good experience of Lithuania in strengthening energy independence. Lithuanian experience of moving from fossil fuel to biomass is in particular valuable for this State of the Eastern Partnership of the EU, therefore both countries confirmed their preparedness to implement the joint pilot project of biofuel exchange in Ukraine.