Government presented the key technical document for synchronisation – the terms of the agreement for connection to the European grid


2019 05 17

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On May 15, the Government endorsed main terms of the agreement on the conditions for connection of Baltic States power systems to the power system of Continental Europe (CEN). This Connection Agreement will be signed by Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid.

“The conditions for connection to the synchronous grid of Continental Europe were prepared for the Baltic States in record time – seven months. This confirms, once and for all, the importance of this project for all of Europe and the need to implement synchronisation by 2025,” says Minister of Energy Žygimantas Vaičiūnas.

The Connection Agreement defines the rights and obligations of the contracting parties – the transmission system operators – in implementing the necessary measures that will make it possible to connect the Baltic power systems for synchronous operation with the CEN.  The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the Baltic State power systems meet the requirements and that all parties to the agreement fulfil their obligations so that the synchronisation project is implemented in a timely manner.

An integral part of the Connection Agreement is the Catalogue of Measures. This is a collection of technical and practical operational standards and indicators that, once implemented, will enable Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to join and operate at one frequency with the CEN.

Lithuanian transmission system operator Litgrid will sign this agreement from the Lithuanian side after it is approved during the general meeting of shareholders taking place on 20 May.

Once the required approval procedures are carried out in Latvia and Estonia as well, the agreement will be signed by the Baltic State electricity transmission system operators, the electricity transmission system operator for Poland, as a supporting party, and at least two members of the ENTSO-E Regional Group Continental Europe.

“Once this agreement is signed, we will have a clear and final list of jobs that we will have to do before being connected for synchronous operation with the European grid. The Lithuanian power system is being purposefully and consistently prepared for this, and at present, it already meets 40 per cent of the requirements established in the Catalogue of Measures,” says the Minister of Energy.

All of the work for implementation of the synchronisation project is being carried out according to the plan set forth in the Political Roadmap approved on 28 June 2018 by the European Commission, the Baltic States and Poland.

The Political Roadmap states that the power systems of the Baltic States must be connected to the SGCE by 2025 via the existing LitPol Link interconnection, a new submarine cable between Lithuania and Poland, and additional technical measures – synchronous condensers.

The Implementation Roadmap is currently being prepared at the initiative of the European Commission; this roadmap will foresee all of the necessary steps right up to 2025, which will ensure timely implementation of the project. Read more here

Synchronisation of the Baltic States is a strategic energy security project that, once implemented, will allow the network to disconnect from the Russian-controlled IPS/UPS system and for Lithuania to independently manage its electric power system. This will make it possible to ensure the long-term reliability and safety of the electric power system.